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Title: Blue Collar Man
Author: [info]gaelicspirit
Genre: GEN
Characters: Dean, Bobby, Sam, John, Cas
Rating: PG-13 for language and themes
Spoilers: Season 4, sometime vaguely after 4.20, The Rapture. Spoilers up through Season 4.
Summary: He'd declared that family don't end with blood, and from the moment he'd met them, Bobby had lived that truth. In a search for something to save Sam from his destiny, Dean finds a journal that changes desperation into hope.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. More's the pity. Story name comes from Styx song,Blue Collar Man.

A/N: This story was printed May of 2009 by Gilded Lily Press in the zine Blood Brothers 3. Thanks to Jeanne Gold for the opportunity; it was a pleasure to write for you. A couple of quick notes about this story. I wrote it toward the end of Season 4 when the the Winchester family levee was nigh onto breaking and I really didn't hold out much hope for Bobby's survival. We were watching our boys crumble, their father figure helpless to hold them together, angels and demons playing tug-of-war with their willpower, and this story fell out of that. It's a bit of a speculative story I guess you could say, and is now AU from it's time period. However, I hope those of you who enjoy pure canon-based fics aren't turned away. I'd written a little introspectively about Paster Jim in a previous zine story; this is my exploration of Bobby and how he saw the boys.

It's also a little play on the importance of a name. I'll let you decide whose name I mean.




Blue Collar Man, Part 1 )


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