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Supernatural: Stand (SN Fan Video)

Song Title/Vid Title: Supernatural: Stand
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Category: Dean Winchester character study.
Characters: Dean Winchester
Warnings: None.
Format: WMV
File Size: 135 MB (though, I have a smaller version formatted for iPods)
Summary: Basically, this was a request vid that turned into a character study, but if pressed to give a summary, I'd say this comes the closest:

Dean's extraordinary perseverance, sense of right and wrong and unfailing devotion to his brother made it possible for Sam to resist Lucifer. Though the last few years have been hard on Dean--caused him to doubt himself, his brother and God--none of the stands he took were wasted and at the end of it all, he's still standing.

Follow me to the video!


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Sep. 12th, 2010 11:06 am (UTC)
aaaaawww.. hunny... beautiful, soooo beautiful... and pure Dean. Oh and may I add this: So grateful and humbled that you actually posted it to this community... It has been rather quiet lately, cept for gaelic and the occasional mod post. heh... So thanks for that and for sharing... (gonna be back to the normal noise around here once I'm done with my exams... come October, I will be back to vidding, creating more art and hopefully find my writing muse again)
Love how the music reflects in the cuts, love how the lyrics reflect the scenes, love how the vid reflects on how AWESOME and loving and self-sarcificing a brother Dean really is.
Man, the vid made me a bit teary (that's not easy at the mo... for some reason I am in a very positive mood lately, so consider yourself a talented vidder!)... when you chose the scene from 5.22 where all Dean's trust and support and love for Sam actually become the one weapon they have against the devil... oh man... I am totally biased being a Dean girl... but honestly, this is one beautiful, skillful, heartwrenchingly emotional song/vid...
I'm glad it's only 2 weeks till SPN comes back.... coz now, I want my boys back even more...

Hugs, RC
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